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Not a Good day at Hurstville

Coming home from a couple of SIG meetings, this afternoon:

Home just now — a death on the Southern Line at Como, apparently.

The Police naturally blocked the line for TWO HOURS.

What an absolute abuse of power! The Railways should insist on no more than 15 minutes delay. How long does it take to make 50 photographs and remove the body with dignity? Not two hours.

We were huddled outside Hurstville Station in the rain, waiting for buses for an hour and a half — NOT ONE RAILWAY BUS ARRIVED. They were all School buses or regular Shopping buses (destination Miranda Fair etc).

Finally a Railway spokesman came out to tell us that the trains were back. It took 30 minutes for the crush to turn around and push our way down to the platform.

Not a good day.


Mushrooms in front yard

Here are a couple of mushrooms I found this morning growing in my front yard.

I don’t think we’ll be having mushroom soup with these little beauties.

They turn out to be poisonous and hallucinogenic – see: