New Opera Browser (17.0) has same bug as in Chrome

My current Opera version is shown as:

Version 12.16
Build 1860
Platform Win32
System Windows 7

“Check for Updates” gives “Opera Is Up-to-Date” without saying what that version is.

Well, when I saw the new version 17.0 was available, I thought I would try it.

It installed properly, but it has the same bug that has been in the Chrome Browser for several years. I was amazed. How was this possible? Then, on the new “About” page it announces that it is:

Made possible by the Chromium open source project and other open source software.

Well, that explains it. And here’s the bug:

Html pages with tables of large integers can be made to “wrap” around when the page size is reduced (either by reducing the width of the window on a PC or actually viewing the page on a phone or tablet). The way to do this is to insert “­” (or soft-hyphens) into the long strings every ten characters or so.

That all works correctly in Chrome, the old Opera and the new.

However, when you copy and paste any parts of these strings with an invisible (or visible) hyphen, these strings appear with the hyphens visible in Chrome and the new Opera. Incredible.

So, if I want to select any of these strings, I now have to drop them into say, Notepad or Wordpad, edit out the hyphens, then paste the result into the target application.

The old Opera did this without including the hyphens, the new one does not.

I will now uninstall the all-new Opera 17.0 and continue to use 12.16 from now on.

Try copy and paste on this number and you’ll see what I mean:

p46 = 5467851482­5724108732­8008167414­2305529138­322441


One thought on “New Opera Browser (17.0) has same bug as in Chrome

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