Mushrooms in front yard

Here are a couple of mushrooms I found this morning growing in my front yard.

I don’t think we’ll be having mushroom soup with these little beauties.

They turn out to be poisonous and hallucinogenic – see:


2 thoughts on “Mushrooms in front yard

    1. Yes occasionally, but never the nice red and white ones.

      Pity they don’t last very long, looking quite withered after only one week. With thick gardening gloves on and using a little hand-digger, I raked them into a plastic bucket and then into the green bin for our regular collection.

      I should really have wrapped them in newspaper and burnt them, but our local council has banned that for many years now.

      Yesterday I picked out a couple of the normal beige and white ones from the grass near the kerb, but they were nowhere near as interesting to photograph.

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