Internet Access Back Again

I know ALL about loss of Internet access. The other week during the big wind-storm here in Sydney, one of my trees fell across the power and telephone lines. Oh the paper work !

Tree Down

The sudden weight on the cables wrenched the steel bracket from the corner of the house, ripping off a piece of the wooden fascia as well as a length of guttering. No roof tiles were damaged, but they were slightly shaken. Good thing the street pole was stronger than the house.

My insurance company agreed to pay for the repairs, but for a few days I was living in a cave with just a single candle.

My computers were silent, and I had to go to bed when it got dark at 6pm.

Finally after visits from several different tradesmen (carpenter, gutterer, tiler, tree-shredder and electrician) I am now on the air again.

Strangely, the insurance company wouldn’t call the owner of the telephone line,Telstra, (because the fixing of the corner of the house had to be done before the line could be re-connected I guess), so I had to find a public phone to make the call myself *. They agreed to put me on their repair list and said it could be 2 to 18 days because I said there was no danger to the public. Should have said it was sparking!

On the day all this happened, the Energy Australia guy cut the power cable and taped it to the pole, then cut the telephone line and left two metres dangling from the cross-bar.

Cables Cut

Anyway, Telstra arrived after one day and I now have a dial-tone plus ADSL2+ Internet access again.

*I actually called my telco, Primus, who then contacted Telstra. I called the 1300 number on my mobile, but they politely suggested that I use a landline instead, because of the time waiting on hold. I thought that was pretty good of them — even though that short call cost me 75 cents 🙂  The public phonecall only cost 50 cents for about a 20 minute call (saved $20 there).


2 thoughts on “Internet Access Back Again

  1. You precisely saved me atleast 1 hour of time. I am making a project in this particular topic and your contribute has helped me through one of the topics of my project. I will browse to the other pages now.

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