Opera 10.70 Does Save As Text again

What a strange bug to appear at this late stage in the life of the Opera browser. All this time I’ve Saved certain webpages (which have tables of figures) As Text to make extraction of information easier with Perl. Then suddenly Opera 10.60 saves as the original HTML instead. What? Who knows what they were fixing when this bug appeared.

I mentioned it in the Opera 10.60 Forum thread, but got no response until I commented that this issue was obviously of no interest to the Opera community. That got a swift reply that “this is a known, reported bug and is fixed in the next release 10.70 (a Beta)”.  The Opera Forum apparently had several other more specific threads already devoted to this bug, but I hadn’t spotted them among the 52+ pages of threads. Next time I’ll check first.

The good news is that the old feature has returned. The even better news is that 10.70 seems very stable.

But wouldn’t you think that a Developer would have spotted my post? I’m sure that they all get emailed when new comments/questions are posted.

Anyhow, thanks to the poster, desic, who gave me the good news.

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