VirtualBox on Fedora 11

I have recently installed VirtualBox on Fedora 11 with the long-term goal of using my “old” scanner via Windows 98 as a virtual OS. The scanner appears to have no drivers for XP, so I had to revert to dual-booting from XP to Win98 in order to use the scanner — very tedious!

The first stage to test all this is setting up XP as a guest OS under VirtualBox. After activating itself (having found the internet immediately – clever, clever) it of course checks for updates. Here is a pic of the 59 it wanted:

VBox XP Updates

Then it’s a matter of sharing folders between the Host (Fedora) and Guest (XP). This turned out to be easier than I had thought. First, select a folder to share (Devices | Shared Folders | Add Shared Folder). Here I select the whole tree (from /home/bob anyway). Click Make Permanent, otherwise the entry is not remembered on next XP bootup.

VBox Add Share

Then, in XP, mount the shared folder as if it is on a LAN (right-click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive). Here I will mount the folder as drive H: under XP. Use Browse to find the full specs of the connection (impossible to guess if you don’t know that the computer name of the Host is \\vboxsvr):

VBox Map Drive

And finally, use good old ZTree to log the H drive and verify the files you expect to see:

VBox ZTree H:

VirtualBox really is an amazing piece of software.

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