Internet Status – Sent means Downloads

After all these years, Windows (XP) Internet Status ( Control Panel | Network Connections | Internet) has Sent and Received reversed from normal usage. [ Bob: The Windows 7 equivalent does get the directions correct. ]

From the point of view of the Internet, bytes Sent are of course Downloads. It all makes sense now:

Internet Status

To test this theory, I downloaded the latest Opera 10.50 Beta (12 MB) with the result:

Sent went from 1,470,582,553 to 1,484,554,805 (13,972,252 bytes).

Received went from 83,985,137 to 84,325,547 (340,410 bytes).

It is obvious which is the 12 MB download.

15 thoughts on “Internet Status – Sent means Downloads

  1. heyo thanks a lot for the educational post. Would it be ok if I use your article content on my website? it would be no problem to give you credit and hyperlink to this page. Please let me know if i have your authorization to do so. Thanks a bunch.

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