KB973525 Causes Visio Viewer to Fail

The Microsoft security update KB973525, issued on Oct 13 2009, fixes some vulnerabilities in ActiveX running under Internet Explorer.

Quoting from that article: “Known Issues. None”

Unfortunately, a serious side-effect is to make Microsoft’s own Visio Viewer refuse to load Visio files. The viewer, which runs as an Add-on within IE, only produces a little square with a red cross (in Windows XP) or a failed-image icon (in Windows 2000). Both the 2003 and the 2007 versions of Visio Viewer fail.

Visio Viewer Failed
Visio Viewer Failed

Until Microsoft issues an official fix, go to Add/Remove Programs and select KB973525 for removal.

Visio Viewer is then much happier:

Visio Viewer OK
Visio Viewer OK

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