Introducing blogging to a PC User Group

This is set up as an example blog for a PC User Group.  I’m using WordPress because of the great features and themes available.

The group may or may not take up blogging, but at least we will get to see the easy way of posting great-looking text without the complexity of creating personal web-sites and doing Html coding (cough, cough).

One thought on “Introducing blogging to a PC User Group

  1. Setting up a blog for the PC user group is a good ideal. It gives people a chance to add comments about existing projects or suggest new subjects. A little more detail on how to add new subjects to the blog might be useful. A subject that could be added to the PCUG blog is a discussion about how to fine tune a PC to get more work from it. A PC is a powerful tool as it comes out of the box. To get the most power from it, it must be fine tuned to the unique needs of each user.
    Brent Roberts

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